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Is this you?

From an outside perspective, you’ve done well. You’ve got a great job, you’ve been promoted a few times – it’s exactly where you dreamed of being when you started working. The problem is YOU HATE IT!

The fantasy you had of the great career in a great company is far from reality. You didn’t expect the politics, the ¬†unreasonable demands, the lack of appreciation and well, the never-endingness of it all.

You want work that’s meaningful, done on your terms. Work that gives you freedom and fulfilment.

I’ve been there too

At 21, I packed up my bags and exchanged the tiny island I grew up in (Malta) for the heady lights of London. I was there to do my Masters in Business Psychology and boy was I excited. I was totally living the dream.

Fast forward 10 years later and I was exactly where I’d always dreamt of being. I was still in London, I’d worked at the BBC for 3 years, consulted for some of the biggest and best organisations in the world. I was flying all over the world delivering great workshops, my career was smoking!

And yet, I felt like I was dying inside. There were Sundays were the thought of going into the office the next day would bring me to tears. I longed to be free, to run my own show, to do work that was meaningful. But I was so paralysed by fear and uncertainty that I never acted on it…until I did.

I chose travelling the world over putting a deposit on a house, travelled to Asia without using planes, spent 18 months experiencing total freedom and when I came back – I was ready.

Despite returning to London in the middle of a huge financial crisis with no idea of how I’d pay the rent, I managed. Fast forward 3 years later and I’m working half the hours I used to, earn TWICE as much and I get to spend every winter in a hot exotic country. I don’t want to be smug, I just want you to know it CAN be done.

Your vision may look different to mine but your longing is similar. You want to do fulfilling work, your way! 

Relax. Help is at hand!

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