Nov 222011

Experience has taught us to mistrust anything that offers high returns for very little effort. Get rich quick schemes, politicians’ promises and instant inch loss treatments all induce a rolling of the eyes, followed by a ‘yeah right’ response from us.

But what if experience was sometimes wrong? What if we could actually improve BIG things, like our happiness levels, our relationships, what we achieve in life with very little effort?

And before you roll your eyes and go ‘Pah’, hear me out.

My forays into Psychology journals and Science books have turned up scores of experiments testing this very idea. The result – loads of little actions we can take that have been proven to deliver great returns in our lives.

But why take the psychologists’ word for it? Let’s try these experiments ourselves. Taking part is simple:

  • Every month I’ll publish a single action we can take to improve an area in our lives.
  • Only actions which take 15 minutes or less to carry out will be selected – we’re very busy people after all!
  • We privately rate how we feel in that particular area
  • We try the action out for 10 days
  • Ta daaaa! Hopefully some magic has happened. Just to be sure, we rate the same area a second time to check if there really has been an improvement.
  • We share our results so we can tell the world which actions are worth doing.
If you’d like to take part you can sign up here. If you’ve already signed up to my blog you’ll automatically receive updates about the experiments so there’s no need to sign up again.
Let’s get testing!
With Love
p.s. You can find Experiment 1 (the gratitude journal) here

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