Feb 142012

These past 2 weeks have been an illuminating experience on how great I am at ‘illusionary busyness’.  Whilst Paul and I are in the in-between place of visiting family and settling down since we got back from our travels we also want to get started on building our businesses.

Since my mornings are usually free, I’ve been sitting religiously at my laptop to ‘work’ on my website. I have spent hours in deep concentration, jumping from one website to another reading about all sorts of things that I’m convinced will make ALL the difference to building a successful business online. In between I’ve checked my e-mail a thousand times, and every time I see a little number next to my Facebook tab I have to go and check what’s happening in my social world lest I miss anything.

I’ve spent precious hours in front of this screen and sure I now know what SEO actually stands for and the meaning ‘Google keywords’ but not one thing has changed on my website. Nada, Zilch! Oh dear!

So today I’ve started the day with a different tactic.

I’ve actually written down 5 things I will get done. I’ve left my Facebook closed, resisted clicking on that great looking article my friend sent me via e-mail (I still haven’t managed to avoid my morning e-mails yet) and I’ve given myself an hour to write this post.

When I wrote down my goals I used the 80/20 rule to help me choose which things will make most difference to my website so that if I stick to my guns and get the things done today, I’ll have accomplished quite a bit.

The thing is, I know about all sorts of productivity techniques, I even teach them to others for crying out loud! Not that anyone needs to learn how to be productive. Deep down we all know how to do it.  BUT there’s a sea of difference between knowing and doing.

For me, that sea is made up of awareness. Seeing how little I’ve done over the past 2 weeks isn’t a pretty sight but it’s jolted me into being a little bit more productive this morning. I think it also had something to do with a great quote I came across yesterday:

“Next year you’ll wish you started today”

I’m curious, what project comes to mind when you see that quote? What would you start today if you were guaranteed a successful outcome in a year’s time? What would you accomplish if you spent an hour or so a day working on your project for the next 365 days?

For me, it’s this website. What about you?

With love



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Photo is by Sergiu Bacioiu

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