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You’ve taken that first step. You’ve figured out the kind of business you’d love to run and have boldly announced your intention. You were full of confidence and motivation and you knew that this was it! You couldn’t wait to get started.

Only a few weeks later that certainty and resolve seems to have done a vanishing act on you. Simply put, your Mojo has deserted you.

You suddenly feel stuck and overwhelmed. Doubts have slowly crept into your head.

Is this the right idea?

How will I ever make money from it?

All my competitors look so much better than me!

I don’t know what to do!

And so instead of building on your idea, you feel paralysed. You don’t know what to do next. This was much harder than you thought. The prospect of staying in that job you hate suddenly looks appealing.

My dear adventurer, meet Resistance.

Resistance is the resident temptress in every big change you will ever make in your life. Her sole purpose is to tempt you away from doing anything that is unfamiliar. She will plant the craziest thoughts in your head and make you believe they are the absolute truth.

Resistance is that mermaid that will lure your Mojo into the deep dark waters and drown it, making sure you stay exactly where you are.

Every successful entrepreneur you know of has one thing in common. She has learnt how to shun the sweet calls of Resistance.

The great news is, you can too!

Discover your Mojo and get unstuck

Imagine feeling really excited about the next step you’re about to take to build your business. Work feels like play.

Imagine getting so absorbed in what you’re doing that time stands still, your doubts fade away and you are filled with a deep sense of satisfaction.

Imagine having clarity, certainty and focus guiding your actions.

Imagine looking back a few months from now and being completely astounded at how much you’ve achieved.

If this sounds like exactly what you need, then I have something you’re going to LOVE.

Hello Mojo is your antidote to resistance.

It is an antidote that will slay your stuckness and fill you with CLARITY, CONFIDENCE & MOTIVATION to build your business so that you can get the RESULTS you CRAVE.

It is an antidote created by packaging up all the latest research in what creates success into EASY, PRACTICAL actions you can start taking immediately.

The antidote will be officially launched in APRIL 2014.

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