Feb 212013

High Risk High Return


Last year I used a high risk strategy that paid off. I put myself in a position where my only choice was to succeed. It focused my mind, my attention and my energy. It was scary, but oh so worth it.

At the end of our 18 month sabbatical, Paul and I returned to London with a firm decision that we’d follow our next BIG thing. We would NOT get jobs and instead work for ourselves.

It was a huge leap of faith. We’d landed back in the middle of a recession with no place to live and no source of income. We were not sure if we were being brave or just plain crazy. Would we succeed or would we end up homeless?

Travel had instilled in us a belief that things always work out. Maybe not in the way we expect them to, but they do. It was this thought that made us decide that the scales were tipping towards the brave, if only by a fraction.

I did waver at one point and downloaded an application for a Senior Psychologist position with a great company. I felt so miserable as I went to bed that night that the first thing I did in the morning was delete the application.

It’s often the crazy risks that lead to huge returns and this one definitely did. Far from ending up homeless we spent a year doing what we enjoyed, worked our own hours and interacted with people we liked. We’ve even been able to escape to Asia for the winter. There are MANY MANY moments when we stop and think ‘holy cow this is working out!’

Yes, in the beginning I spent countless nights lying in bed questioning our decision, worrying if the work I was getting would eventually dry up. I had plan B and C and D ready to go if plan A did not work out. None of them involved getting a job. We were determined we would succeed.

It’s made me realise something that I think I’ve known on a subconscious level but never really articulated.

If we leave ourselves no choice, if we absolutely MUST succeed that’s when we’re going to make sure we will.

There’s no time for self-doubt, no time to question, just time to spend all our energies ensuring we succeed.

Now all we need is enough courage to put ourselves in that position…

With love



P.S. What would you do today if you decided to use this strategy?



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  1. Amazing as always miss. You should put your taughts into song and you would inspire millions x

  2. OOOOoooo this is so BANG just in time…….Will pass it on to Luke who is about to embark on a new venture and adventure!!!!

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