Dec 192011

173/365 Die Danbos am Lagerfeuer / The Danbos at the campfire by excomedia


This week’s post was inspired by a trip Paul and I took along Australia’s Great Ocean Road. I could easily get sidetracked telling you about the most amazing views of the ocean I’ve ever seen but that’s not what got me thinking.

It was the fire I built that did that.

One failed attempt, 3 conversations with fellow campers, 5 kilos of kindle and a pack of fire-starters later I had a wonderful fire going. The flames were high, the ambers bright red, and the heat so great it burnt our sweet-corn to a fine black crisp.

When Paul and I were desperate for some sleep the fire was still roaring in all its glory, showing no signs of retreat. We followed the campsite’s rules and poured water all over it before going to sleep. Out came the jerrycan and 3 seconds of water pouring later this beautiful magical thing was turned into black, wet cinder. It was as easy as that to kill it.

It struck me that sometimes we do the same to our ideas and our dreams.

We start a project, we get excited by it, we invest time and energy in it…then something goes wrong, or not according to plan. Out comes the jerrycan and *!pooof*! before we know it, the project is dead!

We think of the biggest thing we’d love to do in our lives, it feels great just to think about it. Our heart swoons, our body screams YES! …then out comes the mind’s artillery giving us a million and one reasons why we’re being silly even considering the thought. The jerrycan is lifted and *!pooof*!, the dream is assassinated.

The good news is that with enough time, the water evaporates and that cinder can be re-lit back to the great fire it once was. The same goes for all our dreams and ideas.

So here’s a suggestion. Over the next couple of weeks, given that it’s the end of the year and a great time for reflection (in between the partying and the shopping) we’ll keep an eye out for an idea or a dream we’ve exterminated in the past year. One that we regret having killed off.

Once we’ve found it, let’s commit to spending 15 minutes a day, every day, doing something that gets us closer to making it happen. Choose a specific start date and try it out for 30 days.

The investment is relatively small, and the returns could be very high. I know people who have written doctorate theses in this way.

So get out your kindle (not the e-book reading variety) and your firewood and re-light something that inspires and excites you. Give it a good shot for 30 days. You’ll be surprised at what comes out of it.

I’d love to hear what ideas you’ve decided to revive. You can comment here or e-mail me at

With love



P.S. This is my last post of the year so hope you enjoy the season’s festivities and see you in the New Year. My next blog will be sent out on Monday 9th January.

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173/365 Die Danbos am Lagerfeuer / The Danbos at the campfire, a photo by excomedia on Flickr.


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