Nov 282011

This Monday’s blog post is slightly different. For some bizarre reason my thoughts came out in rhyme – the heat of Perth must be getting to me! :)

Here goes – hope you enjoy…

I know a girl, let’s call her Claire

With bright blue eyes and big red hair

She has a dream to write a book

One that’s so good, the crowds it’ll hook


And so quite often she sits to write

A masterpiece, no less, is in her sights

Soon enough her smile, it starts to fade

As doubt creeps in, creates a haze


“But I’m not witty, or clever enough

My ideas are less diamond and definitely more rough

I don’t have a Masters in English Lit

My writing is awful, fit for a twit!”


And on and on her mind will go

Not stopping for air, it’s in such flow

“Whatever gave me this silly thought

My delusional brain I should applaud”


She gets up, moves away from her pen

And paints her nails, all of the ten

She sees the windows are full of grime

And washes them down with water and pine


She keeps herself busy, well into the night

“It’s clear!” she says, “I’ve no time to write!

I’ve pampered, I’ve dusted, I’ve cooked and I’ve cleaned

The last thing I need is a pen and a dream”


And so she ignores how excited she gets

When a new character or plot pops in her head

I will not write, for I just can’t do it

They’ll all laugh at me, I won’t go through it”


You’ve guessed. That book, she never did write

One less great story to share with mankind

No one ever got to enjoy the show

It was kept hidden safely. Claire said “NO”


T’was not lack of wit that stopped her you know

Nor lack of talent, or skill, or ideas to sow

It most certainly was not, lack of literary might

Claire didn’t write, because Claire didn’t write.


What would you do if your thoughts didn’t get in the way?


With love




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  1. i love your poem… poignant! xx

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