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“What conference is this?” asked the girl serving us food.

“It’s a conference for travel bloggers” I replied.

“We have a conference here every month and I’ve never seen a group of people who are so much fun, there’s such a great atmosphere here” she said.

I wasn’t surprised to hear her words. Here we were, 600 of us, all doing something we are extremely passionate about. We all wanted to be there and we all had PLENTY to talk about.

This is what happens when you spend time with people who are into the same thing as you are, who are following a similar path or who are making their dream happen. This is what happens when you spend time with your tribe.

(Just in case you’re wondering what the hell I was doing at a travel blogging conference, I was there with my hubby-to-be to represent our travel site globalhelpswap).

I left that conference feeling energised and inspired and so excited about the new friends I had made. I wanted to share with you the 3 key lessons I got from spending time with my tribe and I hope that it will inspire you to seek yours.

1.    It makes what you want seem much more possible

If I had to ask some of my friends if they thought it was possible to get paid to travel the world, I’m sure I’d be met with a ‘dream on sista’ reaction.

Yet at the conference I met so many people who make a living through travelling and writing about it, that all of a sudden getting paid to travel the world looked a lot more realistic.

Possibility is all about perspective and here I was surrounded by 600 perspectives that said ‘hell yeah!’

2.    It helps you learn and teach all at the same time

Some bloggers were more experienced than us, some were less so which meant that all of us could learn and teach each other at the same time.

Our conversations were rich with sharing tips, ideas and information. Sometimes what I shared helped someone else (and in turn reassured me that I knew something about this business) and sometimes I was given a tip that taught me something new.

These conversations were priceless in helping us think about our travel site and how we could make it even better.

3.    You’re surrounded by people who get you

Sometimes friends and family don’t understand what you’re aiming for or why. You might get funny looks, discouraging comments or just blank stares as you share your dreams, hopes and the choices you’re making to get there.

This is enough to make you question your own sanity and at times even give up on what you’re trying to achieve.

When you’re surrounded by your tribe they get what you’re trying to do. They support the choices you’ve made and can add to your thinking rather than stop it dead in its tracks.

That validation can be a very powerful motivator to encourage you to keep going.

So I guess the question on your mind is “This is great, but how do I find those people?’

Today we are extremely lucky to be living in a connected world where it’s so much easier to find people who are like us. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Find your tribe on-line

  • Join Facebook groups, Linked-in groups or Google communities
  • Join forums – just google your interest followed by the word forum and chances are you’ll find a group of like minded people
  • Find leaders in your industry, subscribe to their blogs, follow them on twitter, join the conversation

Find your tribe offline

  • Go to conferences (I guess you expected that one!)
  • Use meetup.com to find a local group or start one of your own
  • Make a list of places your tribe is likely to hang out and go there
  • Search within your own network – are there friends of friends who share similar interests? Can your friends introduce you?

I hope you’ve got a few ideas to start reaching out to your tribe. What other ideas do you have for finding your people? And what’s the first step you will take?

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  4 Responses to “Why finding your tribe can change your life”

  1. I’ve found Twitter to be invaluable for finding all types of new people to connect with – following hash tags on there, or searching for specific things. That’s led me to all kinds of Facebook groups and tribes, and also to helping organise a Tweetup to meet local people.

    • Hiya Nina

      Thanks for the great tip. Twitter can be a great way of finding our tribe. For those people who are new to hashtags, these are a shortcut to finding groups within social media (e.g. on Facebook, Twitter etc) An example of following hashtags would be to write #travel in the search box to get a list of people talking about travel.

  2. This was so well-timed! I’m on the hunt for my new tribe in the area of life coaching. I knew I was missing my “like-minded people” but you really showed me the importance of being a part of a tribe and, though putting yourself out there can feel risky, it will be well worth it in the end. Thank you for the push towards being more courageous!!

    • Hiya April. Glad you found the post useful. Yes it can feel a bit risky at first, although (at least in my experience) the minute I met up with my tribe, it was so easy to connect.

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